Strap House Co-Founder Marisa Grant Honoured By Marsha P. Johnson Institute!

Strapped Founder Marisa Grant is being recognized by the Marsha P. Johnson Institute as a leader of the New School for organizing queer, Black event spaces in Toronto! We're so thrilled to watch Marisa get the recognition they truly deserve for curating such incredible events for queer, Black people in our city! The list from MPI recognizes Black trans people across North America working to uplift and advocate for the community. This year, it focuses on “Leaders of the New School — those of the younger generation who are making exceptional contributions in their community and/or craft.” Watch the full interview on City News Toronto.

“I am ecstatic … I had a moment where I was probably just crying for a straight 30 minutes because I could not believe the email,” said Grant. “Especially in newly coming into my identity, identifying as a gender nonconforming person, being non-binary which is on the trans spectrum — it’s just so validating for my own personal identity as well.” Read MPI's full tribute to Marisa!

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