Welcome to The Strap House. 

We're an unapologetically queer, Black strip club run by and for Black strippers, sx workers and adult entertainers. We're turning the industry on its head and reclaiming our power from clubs, management and non-Black peers who benefit from Black culture - our music, aesthetics and labour - without showing love to Black people. 

That ends here. 

Our team launched The Strap House in October 2020 with Strapped TO and Maggie's Toronto Sex Workers Action Project to create dedicated space for Black entertainers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has devastated our clubs and brought our industry to a grinding halt. 

In the midst of such a difficult time, we've built this space a place of refuge, celebrating Black excellence, Black beauty and Black life. Our club is political - raising funds for local mutual aid work, sx worker justice projects and more. In the midst of struggle, we're building something beautiful, strong and long-lasting. We're creating our own spaces and cutting out racist clubs and sx worker movement spaces. 

Our club celebrates queer, Black sex workers and entertainers.

Our shows raise funds for Black sex workers impacted by COVID-19 and a wide range of political work happening in our communities.

We welcome a wide-range of Black artists - from dancers, to spoken word artists, DJ's and other creatives. We encourage performers from historically oppressed communities to get in touch about collaborating and joining our roster. 

In 2021 we're expanding to include life-drawing, speed dating and other spaces for QT/BIPOC to connect, love and celebrate each other. Get on our email lists to stay up to date! 

From our steamy monthly shows, life-drawing for those of you interested in fine, fine arts and our speed dating meet-ups - there's always love at the Strap House.